"...and when you out of bullets.."


(User was banned for this post ("Wrong forum" - PLing))

wrong thread bub, but nice pic

when you what out of bullets?

Cool model/skin!
[sp]Sarcasm wrong section[/sp]

Wrong section.

when your outta bullets…

  1. Call Louis
  2. Make Sure You Have Pills
  3. Put The Pills In Your Enemies Pocket
  4. Say “PILLS HERE” while pointing at the enemies pocket
  5. Stand Back ALTERNATE: Say Hax :smiley:

Wrong section but a decent pose nontheless.

what, why is it the wrong section?
Isn’t that a gmod screenie?

Wrong section, this belongs to the S&M.
Oh wait it is.

A mod already moved it from the Model/Skins section, it was posted there.