And yet another Female Pyro?

GMod users can already enjoy the released female Pyro models, thanks to a few skilled modders out there who hexed them.

But here’s my request; could someone make a combination of the Hidden Pyro and the Pyro-girl? (Both linked below.)

I’m thinking of something like this:

Except that I made the screenshots using both models, so their skin tones don’t really match.

Anyone out there who’d be willing to do something like this?

Edit: Also, the hands should be changed to the Hidden Pyro’s as well; then it would be perfect.

Dunno but that head would look nice on a bout a dozen or so other clothed models.

Well, since the models are already made, I figured it would be easy for an experienced modder to replace the head and make the skin color match. I just hope someone will actually do it.

Aye, Same.
I dunno about the bikini model though.
Not a fan of that one.

I’m in the need of that model specifically, though. It would come in handy making my video.

Looks like Corporal Hart.

I would have a try at it.
If I had the two models decompiled.

I’d decompile them myself, if I could. But my own decompiler just throws an error at me.

Edit: I was proven wrong, the decompiler worked this time, I just hope it worked correctly.

Here are the two decompiled models.

No one?

All right, here’s the progress so far;

brickbox is almost done switching the heads of the two models.

But it’s still in the need of someone getting the textures done, as well as getting the model into Source Engine.

I am done with the head hack part.
I did have to remove a few things though like the shoulder strap parts of the bikini.
Now the only thing left is for somebody to do textures and get it into the source engine.
If you want to do the textures just PM and I will give you the model source.


I got it in the source engine!
Only thing though is that this is a test rig and not the final out come of what I want.
I needs things that I can not do, stuff like Jigglebone breasts and hair.
This model still needs textures.
I may provide Garrys mod pictures in a bit.

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I have uploaded a 3ds of my Pyro to see if anybody will do anything with it.


Bikini model, hell yeah!

Something I would love to see is the default Pyro gas mask on the Hidden Pyro’s body. It’d look awesome.

A bump for glory.

A bump just because I can.

It would be better if you made the bikini a little smaller, if you know what I mean…:smug:


Anyone up for texturing this baby? :fuckyou:

It can’t be that hard. D:

I’m sure one could do it pretty awesomely.

(In other words, bump)