And you dance like marionets, swaying to my symphony of destruction.

While you others are still complaining about changes to the forums…

Gotta change my greenscreening technique, the way I do it currently produces a lot of unwanted aliasing.

Words can’t even describe the awesomeness.

Peace sells, but who’s buying?

Fucking amazing.

ur mom

Argh! I don’t know how to describe it, so I’ll just say that it looks


What the fuck are YOU doing here?

I- I… I’m bored and I decided that I should start commenting again.

get back in the kitchen

Why can’t I hold all these rockets?!

You’d need 5000 laggy props and 25 Expression 2 chips to do that.

I shall control the army of mechanic dick!
Sweet job sir.

Where’s this awesome model from ?

A hack I made. Might release it soon.

Yes! This one kicks mayor ass! Keep it up!

Is there a story behind the picture like some sort of corporate globalization?

Clearly you’ve never bought a Megadeth album.

silly skeleton, those aren’t nuclear ICBMS
they’re russian space exploration rockets!

Fucking awesome, glad your ban got reduced.

This is practically the most awesome picture I’ve seen in this section for years.

Actually, the Titan II ICBM looks pretty similiar to those.

Nah I just got the idea of the Megadeth mascot standing over an arsenal of nukes. It might symbolize the Cold War when superpowers had more tools of total annihilation than they could handle.