@Andre RE: PVE Changes

So, to start, if you don’t play on a PVE server, this thread doesn’t really apply to you. Feel free to move along. Your “PVE is lame” opinion is duly noted.

One of the servers I play on extensively is the DEV PVE server. Since its creation, there have been two rules:

  • Direct damage done to players is reflected. Both players take the damage.
  • Damage done to buildings while inside their cupboard radius is reflected. The building takes no damage.

This has provided a nice balance that made life on the server not quite as… dramatic as on others. Indirect damage done to another player does not reflect. So bleeds, placed traps, etc are still a threat. You can still die to the bleed from a couple arrows or someone laying a bear trap down in front of you. But death is not as sudden. You have time to react and attempt to protect yourself. You don’t have to worry about getting insta-gibbed from a headshot made by some sniper while you’re out gathering resources.

The second rule made tool raiding was impossible. But rockets fired from outside cupboard range or placing C4 and then running out of range was still a threat. It allowed a little more flexibility in building, but still meant that you had to build well and upgrade appropriately.

Combined, these two rules made for a great semi-relaxed atmosphere. Solo artists thrived and it was one of my favorite places to play.

This last week brought a significant change to the second rule. You now cannot damage any building at any time from any range. This has effectively ended raiding on the server. It also means that there is no incentive for decent base building or performing upgrades. Metal and stone are now irrelevant as there is no reason to ever upgrade a base past wood. My belief is that the server will be dead in a matter of weeks as there is really very little incentive to do… well, anything. Without threat of any kind, there’s no reason to harvest materials beyond your daily repairs. Quarries, pumpjacks, gunpowder, furnaces are all useless. If you have a feud with someone, there’s nothing you can do about it. Politics on the server are over.

If “sand-box mode” was the intent of PVE, I think this is a horrible mistake. There are hundreds (thousands?) of low or no pop servers on which anyone can practice their building techniques. The removal of all threat from PVE means that it’s not even a good practice area anymore. How do you learn to prep against base destruction if your base is indestructible? There’s no way to figure out what does and doesn’t work - because everything works.

Please put the rules back to how they were. You’ve killed the only semi-relaxed method of playing this game that ever existed.

I’m surprised to see this thread. I’ve never played PvE, but I assumed that it would mean no damage taken to any buildings at any time. To see they’ve now made this how it actually works makes perfect sense. You say that if someone wants to test building, they should join an empty server. I don’t think that should be the case, there should be servers where like minded builders can hang out, chat about designs and build next to each other.

I think the one thing I would say about wanting to test your own base against raids is valid. I’d suggest make it so that only the player who placed the structure can damage it.

Anyway, all of this is nothing compared to the far more pressing issue of the Linux client being SNAFU.

The whole point of PVE servers is Person Vs ENVIRONMENT, not other players.

There shouldn’t be raiding and killing and destruction of bases on PVE servers.

Testing your base against attack should maybe be a server option setting.

The thing is that there is no “environment”. This server is now PVN - Player Vs. Nothing. There is no adversity, nothing for the player to overcome. You build your wood mansion, then… Nothing. Without any reason to do anything, the server will die.

If there were environmental dangers: guardians, wild weather, NPCs… Hell, even a return of the zombies, it would be different. But without opposition, there’s no struggle. And without struggle, there’s no game.

In case you haven’t already noticed, this game doesn’t fit neatly into either a “PvE” or “PvP” classification. It wasn’t designed to fit into that mold. Open your mind a little.

This game has so much potential, but the gaming world is going to really stifle it’s potential by trying to pigeon-hole the title into some 15-year old genre label.

Play PvP you nub.

So you are asking facepunch to add in pvp features, to a pve server? Seriously? graduate from scrub school and join the big kids in the pvp servers, THAT’S how you test your bases against attack.

Ditto. Also want to add that these changes are resulting in accidental suicides all over the map. Hunting an animal? Better hope there isn’t a house behind it because if there is and you miss the animal you will lose health or die instantly. Want to remodel your base after more than 10 minutes? Too bad, now you’re stuck with your only door at a very inconvenient place and will die if you try to remodel.

I don’t raid. I don’t like raiders very much, but they have taught me to be a better player by providing an incentive to fortify my property and build a trading reputation. Hurting others or their property should reflect damage, but not instantly kill you, just like the old rules, so you don’t accidentally kill yourself but have an incentive to stop hurting others.

If you want to improve on the previous rules, try adding a “castle doctrine” exception that reduces/exempts you from the penalty within your own building radius, so that if you do get raided and have a toolbox, you can actually fight off the raiders. This would give players more control over their own situation. Instant eye-for-an-eye justice as doled out by game code does not work, and results in a bunch of blind powerless players with nothing to defend against other than bad aim, lack of foresight or the slow decay of time. Not much of a game at all, really.

Edit: Added to previous paragraph, and am curious if OP is the same Firecrest who raided me in southeast corner of previous map while I was logged off, then walled me in with all my loot despawned, and confessed weeks later. If so, you taught me one of the lessons that made me a better player. Thanks again, and f*** you, lol.

If modded servers don’t support the toned down version of PVP that Firecrest is asking for then maybe they should. Then an admin can make his server like that if he so chooses. But I think a PVE server should be PVE. People who come to a PVE server don’t like losing all of their stuff to PVP players convincing themsleves that using loopholes to PVP others is ok.

If I’m ready to get attacked by other players and have my base raided then I will go to a PVP server where that is the expectation.

Haha. I don’t remember who all I raided, but I am Firecrest in game as well. And that matches my MO. Well, at least for people who build near me. I’m only that big of a dick when I want to “encourage” people to move out because their base is too near to mine. If you built in the SE corner, then it was probably me. That area has been my stomping grounds for like three resets now. It keeps coming up as a nice place to live.

Please see first line in OP. It’s like I’m a damn psychic or something.

i presume you play on a modded server to achieve a purely PVE experience? then wouldn’t this request really be better directed to the mod makers?

As I clearly mentioned in my OP, I play(ed) on the DEV PVE server. It’s not a mod. It’s a game mode created by Facepunch about three months ago.

I gave away my house and left the server to play more on the PVP servers I frequent as soon as I realized there was nothing left for me to do in PVE but repair my house from time to time. I made this thread because the PVE server was my favorite.

I’m surprised that you could even damage buildings in PVE at all. Sounds like they fixed a loophole and PVE is back to what it should be.

That said, all you describe here is moddable pretty easily.

People get hung up on the PVE title a lot. Until there actually is an “E” to play against, they should return it to the limited PVP state it was in before and maybe change the name to something else. Over the weekend, the server population fell to about half what it was the week before. :frown:

It was never a super popular server, but still maintained about 40-70 people. It was in the 20-30’s all weekend long.