André Straubmeier

This guy is fucking awesome.

I agree, but i also agree Dumb post if you really feel this guy is awesome as a lot of us do, give us a reason or reasons why. like this

Can’t believe the work André is doing, not only is he the driving force behind the amazing landscape but His and the teams ideas and concept of how the world will look and feel are really awe inspiring,
the world feels credible and not faked anyway the blend between biomes are seamless, these aren’t merely chunks of landscape but lovingly crafted patches of beauty cemented together with diligent care,

forgot to mention the sky OMG the sky, the sun, the moon and night, Shit i could go on and on, and the weather system going in soon (well i can hope soon)

Yes this Guy is amazing give a little time next time and really show how awesome this Guy is :slight_smile:

I would go on to add screenshot of which i have 100s but we all know his work, i have done threads about his and the teams maps, but to be honest he was over shadowed by the shear malevolence of his nonpareil creation.

But if you truly was in awe then i forgive your lack of words

He has a grand understanding of how to merge things. I haven’t seen though (yet - which means it still could be planned), with the small interior lakes, tall reeds and such versus beaches. If he attaches ambiance to such areas with frogs chirping and such at night…

Here is a free CC0 (i.e. use however he wants).

Also unsure if streams are planned or even possible.

is this intended as an ego booster?:wink:

love the night sky and the terrain, but don’t know i can say anything other than “i love the development happening in this rebuild” with 100% certainty:)

I want him to teach me his programming ways, his grass generation script is fucking golden.

German quality. :downs:

Says german :wink:
(But I really think that german cars are the best)