Andrei & Kevin; A slice of two idiots daily life.

I hope this becomes a running series. But we’ll see how it goes.
Anyways, here is the first one.

Is everyone shouting?

As it seems that way from the amount of text that’s bursting out of them speech bubbles.

People are only shouting when the sentence ends with a !.
As per usual in comics.

Well in that case why is the text poking out of the speech bubbles so much?

Either make the text smaller or the bubbles bigger.

In whatever case the amount of text needs cutting down per bubble, sure that may mean a few extra panels to accommodate them but the quality of your visuals will make up for that.


so much text

brevity is the soul of wit

That’s not really how it works, actually. Usually it’s either one of those “spiky” speechbubbles or a bold coloured outline in a speechbubble, sometimes with text jumping out of a speechbubble for emphasis. Exclamation marks don’t necessarily mean shouting.

And yeah, I agree with the other guys. Text is unnecessarily huge and the effect of going out of speechbubbles is not very appealing.

I prefer the twitter rule for comics - no less than 140 characters per speech bubble.