Android Hell

Thanks to Weenurs (headshotter) for cranking up the size:


I can see the philosophical approach in this.


Flight Lieutenant Jeffy Mareaunie.


Strongly reminds me of the concept art of HL2.

The one with the Entanglement prisoner pods having tons of blood stains underneath it?

“Please proceed into Android Hell.”

Yes, and Stalkers, and all the creepier Combine stuff in general.


That is one part of the enrichment center I do NOT want to explore!

Android Hell and Human Hell are very much the same thing.

What a coincidence, I recently played Stalker Clear Sky and I must to say that the end of game is something like this one. Nice, love that idea.

cept android hell is 1’s and 0’s with a bunch of 2’s mixed in there

Good, very good.

That would be an awesome map, and might make a grear npc also.

Rated arty.

This picture is unsettling. More scary that fire and brim stone.
I have said this before. The light on your recent pictures have been good. Art it is.

Yeah, reminds me of the ending to season 3 of Supernatural where Dean is killed by hellhounds and goes to hell…