Android RCON Utility for Rust

Hi everyone,

I’ve spent the last few weeks coding a little Android RCON App. It works with both Legacy and the new version of Rust, and has a ton of features.

It’s compatible with Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and up, and is called Rusty Sheriff - Rust RCON Tool.

I’d be chuffed if a few people would try it out (it’s free) and give me some feedback. It’s on the Google Play Store.

Thanks in advance,

Downloading it now. I’ll turn it on tonight and watch it at work tomorrow.

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First impressions: It’s awesome. Works great.

Suggestions for improvements?

  1. Add the ability to keep it open in the background. If I exit it, I disconnect.
  2. Add the ability to set up alerts like Rusty, so we could flag certain words like Admin or Hacker.

Great job sir! I’ve been wondering why nobody has made this yet.

Many thanks for the feedback.

If you back out of the app using the home button, it should keep running in the background unless the OS decides it has to sleep, as it needs the resources.

I’ll add a new section for alerts tomorrow,and add a prompt when hitting back to give the option of disconnecting or running in the background.

Done. Added an alerts section that’ll allow you to set either an audio or vibrate alert when a word or phrase is entered in game-chat.

Sorted the back button too.

It’s been another late one. Hopefully I haven’t broken anything…testing’s worked fine.

Let me know how you get on :smile:

Thanks again,

Works great. Well done!

I was wondering if there is something to do about characters like ä,ö, and å. Those are showing as a question marks in chat.
Also one combined view for console and chat would be nice, so you can have full feed about things happening in server. could follow the ongoing events from one screen.

Like the app very Good :slight_smile:

Thanks very much. I’ll make some more changes shortly! :downs:

Downloading :slight_smile:

This work for a community server?
I can’t connect to my server with the app.

It should work fine. I’ve tested it with Legacy servers as well as with the latest version of Rust.

Make sure you’re putting in the query port in the port section of the Server Settings screen, and not the server port. The query port is usually set to the server’s port +1. So 28015 for the server usually indicates 28016 for the RCON port, which is what the app needs to connect to.

There’s another update pending so try with that in an hour or so perhaps.

Let me know if I can help further.

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It looks like the output from the server drops unicode support, so there’s not much I can do at this stage. I tried it with Rusty and that gives the same result.

I use the port 7777 for clients and 5757 for rcon, (also I configure the firewall for these ports).
But I never can connect via rcon (I think what is my fault but I don’t know where are the problem).


I just changed my test server’s RCON port to 5757 and I can connect ok. Maybe your server’s startup options need to be tweaked.

The batch file I use to start the server contains:

RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.hostname “Test Server” +server.port 20480 +server.identity “facepunchdev” +server.seed 6738 +rcon.ip +rcon.port 5757 +rcon.password pa$$word

Make sure you’ve got rcon.ip, rcon.port and the rcon.password bits set. I had a problem where rcon wouldn’t work until I specified the IP it must bind to.

If that all looks fine, you could try going to the About page and tapping Clear App Data. Then try entering the server details again.

It should just be a case of going to Server Settings, tapping New, entering a name for the server entry, then tapping OK. Then filling in the 3 boxes. Make sure you use an IP address and not a hostname in the IP address box, and query port in the port box (i.e 5757). Then click Connect, and when prompted to save, click Yes.

It should take you to the player list screen and show any connected players.

Many thanks!
My problem was rcon.ip
Now work fine, I go to test your awesome app and I send feedback after.

Your’e awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to help :dance:

I buy your app :stuck_out_tongue:

Include a miniguide to avoid rookie mistakes (like mine)
Add photos of your application in this post (do not know if permitted, at least free).


Thanks Yona, I’ll get a little guide knocked up this evening :smile:

I think what I find a big bug, when I click in rcon all players are kicked from my server (steam timeout) at the same time, in the first time with 30 players no problem but in two times with 70 all are kicked, chance? I think not.


Sorry to hear that. This is with the new version of Rust?

How long was the app running beforehand, and whereabouts were you clicking when it happened?

I’ll get some more thorough testing going this evening.

Thanks for the feedback.

I could not see the old version on my official server because it needed a reboot to run rcon.ip

Appears to have happened after having locked mobile reopen the application and then click in RCON
(I also went expelled just the click).

I really appreciate the feedback Yona. I pulled the app temporarily while I investigated. I’m really sorry for the inevitable complaints from players, and the inconvenience it must’ve caused.

The issue arises when (due to me not realising :frowning: ) Android puts the CPU to sleep, and hence the thread the networking stuff is on. Something then has a fit server side and causes the issue…my bad.

I was able to replicate the problem, and have now fixed it.

Thanks again,