Angel Alyx

Something i made when training my photoshop skills and when i looked it afterwards, i though that it was pretty succesfull, so i decided to post it here and let you comment it.

Wings are too opaque, and the clouds just look odd.
But on a lighter note; I like what you did with the stun baton! :smile:

Oh yeah, and WTF is that glowing thingy?

not bad but it does looks cheesy

Loose the watermark.
And focus more on Alyx, the background and all the other stuff distracts the view.

Alyx looks really copy pasted on the wings and sky bg.

Necrons will be so pissed when they find out who stole and recoloured their Resurrection Orb.

I love the combine baton.

Nice editing though.

Combine baton looks weird and cool at the same time.

I expected something more peaceful.

Looks wierdly posed.

It’s alright but it is full of cheese.

the stun baton looks alright but the electricity ends too suddenly where it overlaps the baton.

Cool, now show us some devils!