Angels Fall First Porting.

Decided it would be a good idea to create a thread for porting stuff from AFF. Since it would be a blast for scenebuilders considering the vast amount of sci fi Props that are available in the game and also the many ships, vehicles, and weapons. Right now I’m at school so i can’t post anything, but i already have models exported from the game.

So expect some pics and downloads later on.

So far im going to start to work on these models, I plan on releasing Three model packs. One for the Spaceships, One for the Vehicles, and One for the props and buildings.

I’m more interested in the vehicles seeing as someone ported allmof the ships years ago, you don’t happen to have more pics on those?

Well, they were ported, but most of those ships are extremely outdated.

Any chance you can post some mdl files and such? Would be kinda interesting to dig into!

I just hope this game is released on steam soon.