Angels from Above - Comic Teaser

Me and Tampio are starting a comic series shortly, and we thought we’d make a teaser image for it.

So, here you go:

The comic will be about the 101st Airborne during the Market Garden and after, but we might also have a wink on the german side of the war.

Want to help? It doesn’t matter what you’re specialized in, we got use for all the mappers, modelers, skinners, texturers and even posers we can get.
Send a PM to me or Tampio, and we shall talk.

C&C on the teaser image would be appreciated. :smile:

Looks like it will be a good comic, but just curious, why does that paratrooper have a shotgun? Wouldn’t an M1 Garand or Thompson fit the picture better?

The M1897 ‘‘Trench Gun’’ was used in the WW2, mostly in the Pacific. In the Europe they used it to clear houses and villages. So there are possibilities where he would have got it… From a farmer/farm in the France or from the Holland or he might have been getting it from their storage or some place like that. The most uncommon would be Black market but even the gangsters were Patriotic and concentrated into fighting.

I’d say get rid of the background and pose it with Gmod.

What’s wrong with the background? And by “posing it with Gmod” do you mean “create the background in Gmod”?
As the soldier is already posed in Gmod.

I think it just fits better if you create the background in Gmod. A real life image and a single soldier makes me think hmmmm

We were considering this with Tampio, but the current background just seemed to fit the theme so much better than something we could’ve done in Gmod.
Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Are there many good maps of Holland and that general area?

You’ll need good maps.

We’re going to use DOD:S maps a little, and Tampio told me he knows some good maps that would fit here.
I’m also a mapper, so if we cannot find a suitable map for something, I can try to create it.

Yeah. The maps are pretty much the thing. Holland is very clear. It’s not as messy as France. You can see big areas with almost no cover… Only hay and such.

Looks nice, looking foward to it

Holy shit this looks awesome goddamn.

I don’t like the blur around him, it looks like it could be fixed pretty easily with the sharpen tool.

Jesus he is flying…kidding i know, frank sounds familiar even if its the 101st…anyway doing operation market garden or from the start as dday to battle of Bulg? what is his ranks,is he a replacement??? just wondering…

First it had weird white outlines due to my unprofessional cutting of the soldier from the original image, so I applied some “feather” to the borders, and apparently it became too blurred. :frown:

Anybody wants to help?

I can, but do you want ? I’m not the best poser ever, but if you want something, I can try…

I sense a little Band of Brothers? :3

Favourite part of that was Bastogne… Gotta love fights in the snow.

Come on. More Help?

I dont have dod:s so I couldnt help with posing