Angels of Murder

daemon prince will be released tomorrow fyi

here’s the original - or the closest thing to it

my original vision of this was much more grimdark and hellish but this’ll have to do

ow my fuck this is beautiful

Joazzz you know your shit. Badass as always.

i don’t like the black outlines around some of the characters myself tbh but eh, lazy greenscreened isolation does that sometimes

what are you talking about this is a masterpiece

what is this editing sorcery?

The blood on the guy that got creamed by the axe looks a little strange.

It’s alright, though.

yeah it was a pretty lazy brush/coypaste job with only one “Multiply” layer

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Pretty neat edit, joaz. The axes look like morrowind iron two handed axes, is my guess correct?

Superb pic!


The space marine in mid-air who got axed should be rotated back more, since the momentum of the strike should be up and away from his previous position on the ground.

That is literally my only nitpick with this pic. Everything else is excellent as always.

yeah i can’t pose flying guys properly

jeeesus, stop making such awesome and blow minding pictures

oh man, dat editing, amazing as always dude

so fucking coool… Joazzz my IDOL! :rock: VIKIIING SHIT BRO!

one of the sickest blood splashes my eyes have seen

all the credit for that goes to the brushes, i just cut and pasted and changed their shapes around

I’ve been doing poses for a while but i only realized an amazing built-in way to help with the flying part. If you select the grav gun, right click on the ragdoll and press the “check” under gravity so that gravity basically goes to zero. It’s so much easier to pose flying objects that way.