Angle Tool

Is it possible to create a tool that can give an angle if you put a key ?


  • you weld 2 props with this tool with a default angle and you bind “7” (numpad) to give 45° angle
  • the prop will rotate 45° if you activate the numpad you bound.
  • the angle can be toggled.

Finaly, the Angle tool has:

  • 1 or 2 numpad key (for initial and active angle)
  • can be toggled
  • wire compatible (add a controller like wired hydraulic tool)

PS: It can be based on axis tool with custom angle! :smiley:

I found something like what I’m looking for: Wire Simple Servo and Wire Servo at
But, I want it to be controllable with the numpad, and smooth linear movement. (Servo make the prop change position by “teleport” to new angle…) :confused:

Just some things it needs to have:
That’s all for now