Angles are weird while sitting

So I had the player sit down in a seat, and when trying to adjust my eye angles, it just wouldn’t work. At all. Looked it up and found this. Apparently a source problem? Anyone know a way around this?

Just for reference, I am trying to set the player eye angles to that of the seat.

Well, the link you found has the following at the bottom of the first post:

Did you try that fix?

Well… no, because it isn’t really related to my problem (or at least I think so). I am trying to set the angles of the player eyes, while they are seated, to the angles of the vehicle I am making. Very simple what I’m trying to do:

-- inside ENT:Use( activator, caller )
activator:SetEyeAngles( self:GetAngles() )

except that doesn’t work.

I’m sorry if that sounds vague. I don’t really know how else to put it (just want to make sure everyone reading understands my problem).