Angro AN640TT Celeritate - Angros 2012 Supercar

1,601 days

That is the amount of time that has passed since the Angro supercar company first broke into the public eye with the AN513 Le-Man race

You can pick them up second hand for next to nothing these days

Well in that time you might think the Angro staff have done nothing apart from bath in the sucess of its race car …

You are much mistaken, its Research & Devolpment staff have team up with Valve’s very on Dr Kleiner to turn the technology of the AN513 into a road going supercar
And here is the public launch of the result

Angro AN640TT Celeritate

Angro have aimed at lightweight and powerful … then ran a marathon down that path
The body is made entirely of carbon fibre books for strength and weight. They have even taken the idea of reduceing weight to its limit by not allowing a driver in the car.
Aerodynamically, Angro have spent many hours testing in the wind tunnel to find a body style that provides high levels of downforce with the least drag possible. The large rear diffuser coupeled with twin rear wings give great taction without adversly affecting the top speed.
The cars wheels are totally independant of each other to give better traction and handling.
Powering the Celeritate, Angro have mated two standard 2 litre airboat engines togther to create a 4 litre W8, they then added two large variable geometry turbochargers. The result 640bhp and enough toqure to literally move house - Giving the AN640TT its bi-name: Celeritate (Latin for speed)

Road legal - With working headlights

Pre-launch checks prior to going on public show

Just clearling its throat out

All 640bhp are on show through the clear engine cover

Its public launch with Dr Kliener

It even made it onto Rebel TV

Now before the car goes on public release I require some help from someone. My Adv.Dupe is not saving anything and I dont want to release it as a save as its only on gm_construct. So is anyone willing to help out, if I email someone the save file could they save it as an Adv.Dupe and send it back to me?


Parented to jeep?

Nope. I did toy with the idea but in the end decided against it. Done using wheels with some thrusters to assist

Looks great. A bit boxy on the rear and a bit misaligned but all in all, good job. Looks a bit like that other car you released like 3 years or so ago. Awesome.

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Also how many props is it?

550 props total

Well the car was built from scratch but based loosely on that car I made years ago as the idea was it is a road going version so its similar basic shape but also completely different.
Plus this one was made solely by myself where as the old was built with help from Audio84

As for the design, it is still subject to slight tweaks before release but I took insipration for the design from several real life supercars. i.e. The front grilles were based on the Gallardo, the cockpit on the Koenigsegg Agera … just so happened the back was on a Ferrari F40

Cool, only hl2 props used ?

Of course, im old school :smiley:

I really like the bodywork, however I feel like it would be nicer if you built (or had someone build for you) a really nice chassis as well as doing the engine in the back (nice touch) with holograms.

That did actually cross my mind, there is a rear axle visable in the back but on when looking from the front into the engine bay. Although I am liking the idea of scrapping the underside and putting a proper chassis in

ew holograms

oh my god, it’s 12 AM and I’m braindead

tried googling to see if that was a real car, ffffffffffff

If you need help with a nice chassis I would be glad to help sometime.

Well started on a chassis. As far as I can tell just needs a few minor additions to finish it off, unless you can spot something I’ve missed


What kind of suspension are you running on that?

If you haven’t done anything to the suspension yet, consider making it pretty stiff considering it’s a sports car. A lot of people seem to forget that.
also it reminds me a bit of a Koenigsegg


The suspension is fairly stiff already … well its welded.

Each wheel is attached to a smallish object at the end of the axles, these objects are then welded to the parent prop to give them some flex but not much just like a real supercar

But I can not help but think that after the 640 is released that Angro should aim more at the common market with a saloon car or a hot hatch. Anyone else agree?

550 props daumm, thats when it takes a good 20 minutes to spawn, nice job,

just as a side note, i usually find making the bottom of a car look like the bottom of a real car rather than just leaving it cause you figure no one will be able to see it, but all you need to do is add some extra props to the bottom so you cant see through to the engine and such.