Angry Birds models

We need them for Gmod. The Angry Birds and Pigs are what we want for gmod. They would be excellent to make a mod that is based from the original. Shoot birds at the pigs. You want more? Shoot the birds at Headcrabs! Even more? Shoot the birds at Ellis’ horse and it will run away, leaving Ellis to cry! Here’s the ref in case if you don’t know what they look like.~

Now THAT would be awesome for gmod and Angry Bird fans alike!

Now this my good sir, this would be some epic shit.

Well those looks easy to model

Seems easy and sounds like a good idea.

that would be cool but would they be ragdolls or npcs?

Ragdolls, obviously. How the hell would we make them NPCs? Possibly a SNPC which is still a dumb idea.

You got an interesting point there. They need faceposer for that way.