Angry old grandpa!

EDIT: I’m sorry for choosing gm_flatgrass! I won’t do it again!
Okay, so I know that there’s going to be someone to tell me what is wrong with this, but feel free since I’d like to make more. What do you think? I thought it was funny. =]

Let me know what you think

Pretty good writing, kinda funny, but the posing and map choice is bad.

Always remember to never pose on Gm_Construct or Flatgrass maps, ever.

Wacth these videos to work on good posing, they helped me.

Thank you!
Also… I think I should have put this in the Comics section…

No, Comics are just that, comics, long pages of pictures.

That being said, comics require some amount of good editing, like speech bubbles being the most important, as well as the black boxes that hold the comic together.

I just figured since it had words in it. I’m new to the screenshot business.
Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

posing is okay but if you are to make it here you need to try some serious stuff but keep the posing within the realm of reality

You can pose on gm_construct and flatgrass, just remember that if you are posing on them then you need to hide the crapiness of the map.

Took the words outta my mouth.

Work on the posing.