Angrypepper`s spider snpc V.2

The difference between v.1 and v.2 is it CAN MOVE!

I was fidling around with a spider snpc of mine, and i foun that the ai was changed to Monster_base
so becouse the Monster_base was not included, i swiched it to Base_ai!
The images:
here: and here:
The dl is here:
And dont forget to check out my website here: _________________________________________________________________
May not be compatible with ANY slv_bases sorry but still works at times!

what did you just replace the headcrab model with a spider model?

That Spider Model was ripped directly from Get A Life.

Can you ever actually make something original?

No! it has its OWN code

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I feel Really criticized coming back to facepunch anyway!

How old are you? Ten?

SELECT * FROM s spider snpc V.2

If you know that then you have seen my other thread

apart from it being ripped from another game…there’s only a few problems.
1-The thing may aswell be 20ft tall for the amount of health it has.
2-It has problems killing anything that isnt the player (looking for the player despite a hunter to its left)
3-Jumping… The jumping looks slightly too comical and minecraft like.
4- 2-hit kill, It can kill anything wayyyy to fast.

For something so small in npc terms, It should have a lower health and lower damage. Its the kind of thing you expect to see in a swarm.

Dogmeat is already made. By me

Ahh kwigg’s Dogmeat NPC, Those were the days lads.

Damn! well the chestburster is the highest result in the Poll so i will do that

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Well, i guess its too plentiful in health and strengh ill change it then

Minecraftlike is…bad?

When it’s not in Minecraft.

Forgot the semi colon. Just kidding, I have NO idea what I’m talking about…

will you just work on the tank and make it work


well most spiders have some sort of biochemical attack aka poison or venom so maybe maybe not

But it doesn’t affect the victim nearly as fast

-Ripped from a get a life with no credit given.
-No animations, and if there are, you definitely didn’t make them.
-Code stolen. Oh, I’m sorry, I mean “Edited 2 lines of code then reuploaded.”
-Fail at logic. A spider even that size won’t kill you in 2 bites. And no, it dosn’t “HASS PIOSEN.” If it did, you should be dead or incapacitated in 1 hit, or atleast have the Neurotoxin effect from Half-Life 2’s Poison Headcrab.
-Fail at being able to kill a lower strength enemy easily.
-Don’t release stuff until it works and has full animations.