Animal bahaviour mod.

"Dear member of Facepunch!

I want to commission someone to convert my idea into a working mod. My idea is to have animals that actually follow a scheduled life, including eating, fighting and breeding. The World would be a probably mountaineous area with woods and flat areas and maybe even a lake. You can control an animal of your choice and just wander around, eat some grass or socialize with a herd. There would be a lot of olelaying functions, like groaning or fighting over a female animal. When you win the fight, you might breed and raise a baby.
I got the idea when playing Half-Life 2: I noticed the Antlions to be really suicidal and not having any will for self-preservation, so i was thinking if you could also alter their AI to a more realistic behavior in the mod.

My idea is only a rough draft, and in case anyone is willing to help me make this mod, I will take a more in-depth thought about the actual functions and gameplay elements.


EDIT: Why is this dumb.

PS:I meant animal Behavior

Even though I like the idea, it has been suggested before. And everytime it has been suggested, the answer was: “Get all the models and animations, and it’ll get done.”
So, not until you got all the models and their corresponding animations, it won’t get done.

Damn… oops sorry.


Well i hardly know what LUA is so… maybe i can suggest models instead… for the person who is interested.

im not dumb… just lazy.