Animal Crossing Models & Texture Request / Pool

Hey guys, I’ve been looking for Animal Crossing models and textures (any series) for a long time now, but there aren’t much available. If you guys have some or can point me in the right direction, it would be great if you can share them here. I found some at The Model Resource, but not much.

Any resource would be great, but I’m especially looking for the environment textures (sky, cloud, aurora, moon, stars, water, wave) , the buildings models, and the trees. Oh, and human character too. Thanks in advance.

Here’s some images if you never came across this game before :

Here’s a boned player model that I made. Its not flawless though. In .x and milkshape format.

Some pooled resource links: :Animals NPCs and bugs models :NPCs (sable mable pascal owl gulliver red KK guards katrina shrunk and more) (mr resetti) (animal crossing villager, part of a bigger pack though)


My custom made models:
player (boy) :
tree (very simple) :

Furniture from the AC games would be great to have.

With such a high definition engine like Source, these textures would look like complete shit. Plus, the trees are 1D or 2D; or completely flat. They’re just an effect and aren’t actual models

Edit: I have played the game myself before

yeah i had some textures for the trees and ground, their resolution is quite low. But I’m using them to learn how to code/recreate the effects using Darkbasic Pro, so low res things are fine.
The trees are made of planes, but with a minimal bulging on the leaves part.

It looks rather 3-d with the default point-of-view, but cant be used for free camera.
But I didn’t have the textures for the water. If I do, then I can try to figure out how the programmer make that water effect of theirs, and try to imitate them.
This game looks childish, but its a wonder when i look more closely into its workings

mr resetti and the villager both exist already on the steam workshop, that much i know: (mr resetti) (animal crossing villager, part of a bigger pack though)

thanks. I subscribed to that model pack, but how do i download them?

they should just automatically download in steam when you subscribe to them, ready to use in gmod

Oh so I need to download steam. Never used Gmod either. Whats the usual model format in Gmod?


You’d have to decompile them, and use an .smd import/export plugin to open them.

Milkshape seems to have Gamestudio .mdl importer, hope that will work. Or not?

You should probably use Noesis if you wanna open the MDL files up. Either that, or decompile them.

Does Noesis comes with .smd exporter? If not, what can I use to decompile the .mdl? (excuse my googlazy mood)

Here’s a boned player model that I made. Its not flawless though. In .x and milkshape format.

Here’s a fixed version of Cannonfodder’s MDLDecompiler.

ive been working with the gc version of animal crossing to see what kind of things i can get out of it, and the results are actually pretty pleasing:

i too would really like to see more animal crossing stuff, and i would totally do it myself if i know how to compile .smd files :confused:

I could help you compile stuff to .smd if you need it

i already know how to get smd files, its compiling them into a .mdl file that i don’t understand :s

well, i could do that for you ^^

holy hell that’d be amazing. yeah totally!

A very simple tree I made.

the one on the left

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Do you have .smd models for houses and furnitures?

Me want!