Animal Crossing

Yup, Animal Crossing: Wild Wold to be exact. I was bored today, and i started this project…

Museum (40% complete)

The Roost (70% complete)

Outside (15% complete)

Custom textures (??% complete)

Just started.

Comes with 3rd-person like camera, can’t make it exactly like in AC though.

If you want to try it out yourself; .
This is far from complete, and i’m going to make custom textures and stuff too.

If you don’t play AC, this will probably not be of any interest for you.

This is cool.
Really cool.

Could use some better lighting though.

Looks very good

Aha, love Animal Crossing. Someone should make a gamemode.

Started on the outside :razz:


Wait, are those big blocky people part of the map or are they just something you made in-game?

If they are part of the map you should make a version without them. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a brush parented to the player, i’ll try to rip the models from AC or something later…

Oh okay.

Yeah, I was just thinking that someone should port those models. :stuck_out_tongue:

I rigged a tom nook model along time ago, i don’t have it anymore sadly.

Love the map idea.

I have my store upgraded to Nook’ Way, so i’ll make it instead of nook’s cranny…


Done for today i guess :rolleyes:
Added an early prototype for Nook´Way

This would be the most epic map ever if it had custom models/textures.

Been away for the weekend, not in the mood for making maps right now :downs:
Will continue in a few days or when i feel like it…

Also, i tried porting NDS models with no success…

You should make the light coming from the museum dynamic, or whatever the mapping term is to make it so there is actually light coming through there.

Also, if you could make everything not have things about Animal Crossing on the signs and that stuff, I’m cooking up my own GMod gamemode for this. Like not have Nook Way say Nook Way :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to work together some, PM me :smiley:

Makes me smile to see what of my favorite games series in the source engine. Looking great so far, especially the roost!

Download Animal Forest N64 and then rip the textures using Rice Video Plugin.

Why have I never thought of this. Keep going man, this is awesome!

The brushwork is bad, the map is horribly blocky and the textures are all stretched. The lighting also sucks, light doesn’t magically appear inside a room. Also, why are you making chairs out of brushes? There are plenty of models for that, same for the cash register, shelves and tables.

I gotta agree with gigabite here. As I have said before, remaking maps from another game should only be done when you either do a complete 1:1 replica or when you make it look next-gen.

I’m gonna rip some textures soon, it will make it alot better. And there are no lamps in the rooms, it’s just bright. And the chairs is too big to be a model, and i can’t model myself. And blocky? It’s an N64/DS Game…