animal pathfinding

Quick question, has bear/wolf pathfinding been fixed recently? I used to be able to kite rad wolves/bears to a wooden foundation, and have them whimper when they got within a foot of it and unable to climb ontop, ripe for arrow kiting…yesterday the bear followed my sorry ass right up to the doorway on the next foundation, where he clipped between the ceiling and the first foundation depending on my position;) scared the hell outta me XD

was there a ramp? they can run up ramps afaik just not directly onto foundations. havent played in couple of days so it COULD have been patched. also i think they can glitch onto it if part of the foundation is under the ground.

two days ago they were still glitched by this.

I had something similar happen on my server, animals behaving really weirdly. Running up onto foundations, through doors, up and down stairs and half clipping through walls, but not attacking, just chasing. Even after being hit, they would just follow you without attacking. Happened right after a server reset, but after about 15 minutes they were back to normal. Weirdness.

What I am finding is that animals will follow me to my base, and once I go inside they will leave… Then they come back as if I have aggro, running around the outside of my house barking, and they will repeat this (leaving and returning) until I kill them. I have yet to see them go onto a foundation or inside my base though.

no ramp, just a 2x1 found set up with doorway in the middle between the 1x1 house and the porch.

had a similar thing today, new place at split, rad bear kiting where they no clipped through the ground when they got too close. this one i used ramps for wall protection, but the other had none.

weird. normally its just as suzakasa said, that they whine, leave and come running back when i hit em but don’t come up on a found…

I get this all the time in next valley. From what I can tell it seems they can only do this if the foundation is close to where they “float”.

Not my video -

I apparently taste like beef jerky in the game as every wolf and bear chases me forever. :slight_smile:

really? licks lips where do you live?:smiley: