Animal pathing/collision needs to be a priority over cosmetics.

Bears and wolves are tough, i get that. but they are a huge stain on what’s already a beautiful game. Look at a horizon or open field on rust and the thing that ruins it is teleporting, hovering instant kill bears and wolves. Animals behaving more realistically would be infinitely better than any other kind of update. Short of improving anti hacks. Dying to a teleporting bear is annoying, having to avoid them and their general silliness is even more annoying. They are a disappointing reminder of developer priorities. When you’re killed by predators in this game, players are just disappointed and annoyed. Mostly because they are near indefensible, glitchy and ridiculous. Say animals got improved, you could use wolf/bear pelts as crafting materials for items. Not only could they more functional, they could be integral to the game. ~S

Face Punch is working the Map Environment first before animals. Which seems to me to be the right decision.
Finish the Map Environment.
Then work on the Animals.
The only serious attention to animals they have done was back in the early days. You can read the blogs about it

So this is exactly what they did with PvP, they added all the weapons and armor etc first. Once that’s done they’ll work more on the PvE. Sometimes I think they decide to work on something fun just to shake things up from getting too stale and unfun.

Besides these bugs with animals can be fun and challenging. Like the time we had animals all acting like sliding penguins. Everytime you killed one it’d go sliding off to the ocean and you’d chase it like a moron. Or the deers with faster than light engines up their arses, it was a huge moment of pride if you managed to kill one. Especially with a 15fps handicap.

People just need to have patience and stop being communists, let Face Punch make the game their way.

there are people working on diferent tasks so you want someone who is exspecially working on the games lighting to work on animal pathing? Sounds a bit dumb dont you agree?

He didn’t say anything about lighting, so why are you talking about it?

When I try to walk through walls, I can’t. Why hasn’t such a limitation been added to the animals, it would be a huge fix for them.

Almost like it’s a work in progress, or something.