Animal Whistle

A simple whistle that can be crafted easily that either calms/spawn nearby/attracts animals that the whistle is designed for.
Has a 100% durability, 60% chance of working, and -5% durability when used.
Examples : Elk whistle, boar whistle whatever
Great for hunting I guess :v:

Why would a whistle lose durability for blowing into it? -.- I mean, if stuff like blood draw kits do not break, then neither should whistles.

Spamming left click is too OP
Since its also easy to craft as said in op and you can get chicken fat from a pig, why not ?

Not really, spamming a whistle will scare them away.

I think it would be neat if you were able to tame animals and use it to call them to you if you had them waiting somewhere. Like, you could have a bear/wolf wait behind somebody you’re stalking some rocks, then whistle. When they turn around to shoot the animal, you just them in the back. It would be hilarious xD

So… The Beastmaster?

Need to call peta. There be a lot of animal deaths.

Lol now this just sounds silly (the calling animals to your side thing). That’s along the lines of adding classes to Rust. That would be like a druid. If they did that, they should add heavy armor like in Fallout then, and you could call yourself a paladin. Ninja class would have a sneak bonus and with melee attacks. Barbarian class could get bonuses to rocket launchers and explosives.

On a serious note, there should be some sort of revive kit that you can use on your fallen comrades if you get to them within 2 minutes with one (attach 30 minute cooldown per person, so it’s not OP).

That goes against rust freedom of choice