Animals AI broken

Any one have bug on server in snow biome (or others) that animals after yesterday update just standing ?

i saw a bear chasing a horse and killing it. then i shot him. Got alot loot !

Animal AI has never really been a priority in fixing ,just yet. There has always been issues with animals standing, running through rocks or at high speeds through water and terrain.

it’s first time we see it on our server for six months

Sometimes animals get stuck between rocks, sometimes they just flip like crazy from the left to the right and then back, sometimes a bear will run to you and have a feast ;).

Has animal AI ever NOT been broken?

Legacy? :dance:

Touché. I should have been more specific and limited the parameters to the current version of Rust.

I’m just razzin ya man. Animals seriously have never been solid tbh

The greatest enemy in this game is slopes.

And rocket horses.

and nakeds with butt aks.

Animal AI is a low priority, I’d suggest getting netcode and functionality working first.

And without being too much of a cunt, make it work first, without adding new stuff…

ai.think 1
ai.move 1

fix problem (but need to run after every server restart)

They actually had some pretty clever animal AI months back for a week or two, but it beat the crap out of server performance so they made them dumber. And dumber. And then alot dumber.

Does any1 remember when the bears were invisible? It was about a month and a half ago, at-least they are making some improvements.