Animals AI update

Hi, great job on the game guys, I really love everything you have done with this project. In regard to one of the latest patch, you have made animals extremely more aggressive and dangerous, especially when you are about to start the wipe, wolves run faster than horses and walk in packs, so if you don’t have a weapon, if a pack of wolves spots you, you are dead. Same for boars, you just can’t outrun them, bears are pretty much not even worth chasing, they will run for kilometers. This makes it obvious that the only way to start the game with a bit of low grade is to actually farm red barrels. Is much safer and easier, these animals are only killable by Tier 2 players but then again, they only give bones, bit of food and leather, something a tier 2 player doesn’t need anymore. It may seem like I am trashing this decision but I am not, just genuinely confused on the intent of this update. Could you elaborate the why behind this update?