Animals and Monsters should not have a fixed position.

I believe that the animals and whatever they choose to add to the game, should not have a fixed position after spawn .

Animals should have a longer detection range. Making it harder to hunt.

Monsters, or whatever, should be moving around. Dinousaurs would fit this idea.
Hunting, maybe in packs, for humans.
Or just walking around. Certain types hides when it’s daytime and hunts in the night. Caves would work well with this.

Weak points?
Can’t some monsters have points on their body that you need to hit in order to damage them? Many games has this. Like red areas where u can damage them.
This would make it alot more challanging.

I think its on the works, there is a Dynamic Resources topic on the trello.

Yes I think it would be more fun that animals would walk randomely around the map. Maybe some animals or enemies(red wulfs/ zombies or what ever its gonna be) could be based more in some areas but walk freelie around the map. Add different animals and enemies to be on the mauntains. Aswell as caves would be so nice.

Nice. I think something like this would make the game more interesting and add to the survival part of the game.

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I hope eventually they add a wind mechanic and that if you are downwind of the animal, they will run scared or come after you, would make hunting a little trickier and more awesome (IMHO)

I don’t get this. I think you mean upwind. I’m assuming the animal in question is smelling us and then deciding whether to fight or run, right?

Well, let them spawn at a specific point and randomly walk around the map. Not that they randomly spawn in my base and kill me while im AFK :v:

Yes, I meant upwind, you would need to stay downwind to hunt. :wink:

Would be an interesting mechanic, but I’m not sure it would feel as natural as you think since we can’t actually feel the wind… we’d need a tool just to tell us what way the wind was blowing.

Maybe they could have direction wind sound, blowing louder from a specific direction? Anyone with stereo sound or better could work it out.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it could be a cool mechanic, I’m just iffy on how it would be implemented.

Wind is not a simple thing, and modeling it would probably be rather difficult, but maybe I’m wrong.
The stereo audio… maybe that would work, but even then I could only really say left or right, I dunno.

I agree it would be difficult to implement correctly, but regarding the sound, you could work out what direction easily, wind in left, wind in right, wind in both front/back.

U can make grass to wawe specific way, aswell as make clouds go the winds direction ( I know wind can be different depending on the hight,but is a game and in just thinking) Fire and smoke move the way wind is going( using torch would come in handy again). trees move to the side of wind. There is s many things u can make to be based on wind direction.

That’s actually a pretty good call…

I’m iffy on the idea of implementing wind mostly because I know that no matter what they’d have to put in some watered-down version… that’s just how it goes when you have a game that’s massively multiplayer like this.

An advanced wind/weather mechanic would be easier to implement in a single-player game.
I know, I’m playing the devil’s advocate today lol.

It is not that hard to implement using UNITY. It takes time but its not impossible.

I think your right about making the animal/resource spawns randomized but I think more types need to be added so that some can be regional and only be randomly spawned within certain areas of the map. This gives players a resource specific to there area that they can trade, or for those that don’t want to trade they would have a reason to travel and adventure to new areas.