Animals running through walls/bandages not working

still the wolves can run through your walls and kill you ! and now bandages dont work or at least not for me

Ican’t believe that all these new items are been added to the game but still animals can run through walls ?

also sometimes when i fix a sign on the wall my pc freezes

Animals aren’t fixed yet but it’s hardly the biggest problem, more of an inconvenience until it’s fixed. Bandages are working, they just changed the mechanic. They’re no longer stackable, you need to equip them to use, to stop spamming. You can also use them on others now and they’re cheaper.
I haven’t had trouble with signs but I’ve heard a few people mention that they had problems with them, particularly freezes and crashes when the text loads, so I’m sure there will be a fix for this soon.

Animals are still buggy. The prey animals are slower making them easier to catch, but they still clip through any and every structure and defy physics in every known way. I saw a deer run straight up a cliff last night. It must have thought it was a mountain goat.

As for bandages, I heard a few people complaining about that last night. You now equip the bandage and use it with your mouse the way you would use a syringe. Simply selecting it on your quickbar doesn’t use it like it used to. Perhaps that’s what you’re experiencing.

As for signs, they haven’t fixed the issue. If you’re running and you enter render distance of a sign, it will lock up your client a fair portion of the time. Walking into render distance seems to mitigate the crashing.

OK Thanks for taking the time to reply guys

I was chasing a backwards running boar last night…

I saw a wolf running around underwater. I built a stone foundation bridge about a foot away from a spring, and the wolf kept running into / out of the spring, under my foundation, underwater … it was pretty sweet.