Animals - Take damage via Traps and Barricades ?

Hi FP , Hey i had a thought, do the animals take damage hitting the entity traps , such as floor spikes and wood and metal Barricades!

or they should take damages as players do!?

i wanted to bring up the issue on statement of this question?


they seem to avoid them, but would likely take damage as a player does. they take damage from bear traps etc, but i am yet to see them walk into a spiked wall or anything.

Nah they walk straight through barricades and bear traps completely unharmed at the moment man, seen it happen 100s of times. I don’t think the animals have any colliders at all right now.

And it might reduce Some lagg and help FPS…

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They do get Hung up on wire barricades, later i hope that face punch will add damage to to this topic.

They take no damage from spikes, barricades etc and walk straight through walls. Ive even seen a horse gallop through the inside of my base… scared the **** out of me haha

A bear ran after me so i got in the housr and it pawed me through the walls and killed me and it did the same to a friend

but you can see bears walk into get stuck on some buildings and clip inside others

Definitely die to bear traps unless something changed. I have a very fond memory of me and a friend baiting a bear into a bear trap and it being instakilled, like 6 months ago.

Yeah they definitely use to get killed by the traps, the traps even stopped the bodies from despawning, but I think that was a lot longer then 6 months ago. But for the last 5 months maybe more they just run straight over them and don’t even set them off.

Animal mechanics are and have been broken forever.