Animals to fast to catch

So i have not played rust for ages. since it first came out and wow its changed alot.

Now its been a little hard to catch animals, They seem to have the heart of a 1000cc Yamaha R1 Motorcycle…

I cant catch em! i kinda need to glitch em out on the beach or some rocks to kill them.

I cant even sneak up on em. Your chasing em they crest a hill and when u get eyes on them again they are 400m away…

Any tips lol

They run out of stamina after a little bit and can’t run anymore. Thats when you get them. That, or herd them into the water and they are stuck between you and the coast. If you just give up as soon as they run of course you’re not going to catch them.

Animals are pretty darn fast in real life, faster than humans, and it would be silly if they were slower than us in a survival game about surviving.

Its possible to sneak up on them, but pretty difficult. Feels like they have eyes in their ass sometimes.

just just hunt bears… They come to me =D

The general theory behind early humans IRL is that we were able to survive not by outrunning or outsneaking our prey, but by outlasting them with sheer endurance.
I guess it’s the same in new rust.

Bears will run at you, wolves will teleport to you :dance:

don’t start following the animals you see around, seek the barrels, those can’t run. Inside of those you usually find bows and arrows. Then, the hunting phase is quite easier.

Or don’t be a whining baby and go f*cking after them, no matter what it takes!!!

Oh i go after them! i followed one half way across the map to the ocean where he glitched and i got him!.
problrm is if they do have stamina. The speed they move when they run out they have enough time to have a coffee and smoke… and read todays paper and when im close VTEC kicks in again lol

I’ve noticed a lot that if I lose sight of a deer for even 1 second they disappear for good. Kind of annoying.

Now i know why Santa uses them for his Sleigh. Would be good to use for travelling

It isn’t supposed to be easy. Run after them. Even with a simple wooden spear, I am able to catch most of the animals I run after. Every now and then one gets away, so you give up on that one, and try again. Most of the time you will be successful with a bit of effort. And like Cst says, every other barrel has an arrow and bow in it, it’s like the most common drop item, so pop a couple of barrels, get your bow and arrow, and then go hunting…