Animals Virus

During gameplay as i was watching the animals are docile and will run away this sometimes might alert a player that someone is around but what abt mutated animals either due to a bite or form maybe too much radiation …these can also alert another player and your gonna have to either run or shoot or kill this in order not to die or become infected yourself…these distractions if made properly can be fun in a game as u are given a choice run or fight taking a chance of alerting more problems that might cause u to die and lose your stuff. just a thought


I do not own the game, however adding hostile animals would be a great addition to the game.
They could possibly attack the player (Or maybe even attack zombies, so you could lure them and use them as a form of defence. The Walking Dead has this, or shows it. They use them at the back entrance in a scene to stop bandits coming in and stealing.)

They could possibly bite the player inducing radiation poisoning and the player has to take some sort of medication to fix like bleeding.

Some effects of being bitten:
Radiation Poisoning
Slower movement

Possible mutations/animals:
Mutated Boar (w/ Tusks)
Giant Rats

It would add a twist so when you think you are safe gathering wood and stone, you have to watch your back possibly in the dark !

Imagine mutated dogs/wolfs stalking you at night with red eyes, taking out your team one by one.

imagine mutated dogs with hats and sunglasses

Imagine this post happening

thats what i was thinking nighttime and daytime could have diff kinds of predators as well but nighttime some creepy red eyes animals are very much scary and unpredictable when rabid the world were you dont just have to worry abt the players but abt the elements in the game as well