Animals & Zombies Balance

Hi everybody

So, great game … :slight_smile:

BUT … I’m a rust noob you know, and in a PvP server the begining is very hard, specialy because there are not enough animals … so, when I don’t die from a paranoid player, I’m starving in five minutes !
And Red Zombies are … wow, just 2 shots, and I die, really ? very very harder than DayZ !

But, Ok, with 2,3 guns and for older player ok, it’s maybe cool … but for the noob or respawn player : we need that you review the balance :slight_smile:

all the best

I am confused what you want done. It’s perfectly balanced right now, atleast in a realistic view. A man with a hatchet who bumrushes a well-equipped man is not supposed to survive.

And if you want to kill zombies, kill the ones without any special colors. They’re easier. Getting a pickaxe lets you one-hit both normal and red zombies.

Ok for well-equiped man, no problem with that, but to find an animal … it’s the desert !