I would like to see more animals in the game like birds that you can hunt with your bow, you could collect the feathers from the bird to create more accurate arrows which will fly farther.

Higher spawn rates for rabbits or rabbit holes were a rabbit will spawn every in-game day or in-game hour.
The reason I say this is because i find myself dying to much from hunger.

I think later on development they’ll add more animals but not really a priority atm.

Have you ever tried shooting a far distance? how much farther are you talking about shooting, christ lol
I could more see them adding a compound bow with a sight so you actually have a reticle or something to go off of so your not guessing (for those who DONT put a freakin sticker on their monitor or w/e)

This precisely. We’re in Alpha, don’t expect it to have everything. They will more than likely being adding a lot more NPC’s, so take it easy and enjoy it for now.