I have 2 ideas about what is going on with animals; either they are bugged or we are witnessing evolution!

If you take the “bugged” approach, animals appear to be harder to find at the moment because they will just wander off into the water, walking around the sea bed (I would to if a bunch of naked men were trying to kill me with a rock and eat me). Occasionally when you hit them with a rock they will give would instead of dying, as it trees. Also when dying it has been my experience that every animal type reverts to the wolf death animation and loot.

But hold on just a second. Are trees not the oldest form of life in the Rust universe? Ever since wolves first appeared their has been the chance of them providing wood instead their normal functions. In fact the earliest wolves were stationary, much like trees…could this be evidence of a transitional form? Wolves were the animal, and every animal since shares behaviors, and ultimately death animations, further evidence of evolutionary speciation events? Currently the animals and simple and stupid, and only superficially different from one another. However if my evolutionary theory hold I predict we shall see a rise in intelligence as speciation continues. Members of individual species will evolve unique death animations and behaviors, some aggressive some not. Most will stop walking under water on account of lungs. But it just might be possible for fish to evolve from our land animals given the right circumstance and a little bit of luck.

I… um…

Do you…

I think…maybe…


Well I just don’t know what to say about this.

Thought of Something: Well then I guess we can expect the evolution of Rust players as well. Possibly they will learn not to use their last seconds of life taking off all their clothes, or standing around in a field like a scarecrow for days and days until another one beats them to death with a rock. :smiley:

This may be completely out there, but I predict facial hair in the evolutionary future of the rustman.

Reason: Trello

took me ages to find that card lol

shhhhhh your giving away the secret lol.

I always liked the idea of the beard representing how long you have survived without dying.

I’m pretty sure I have every trello board memorized at this point. :tinfoil:

I want fishes, rabbits, snakes, preteen girls I can eat, monkeys and elephants would be cool.

You can’t just slip that in between snakes and monkeys and pretend we won’t notice. That’s dark brother, real dark.

Rust Update: now, if you die, you respawn as a teenage. As a teenager you must avoid NooneRly eating you in-order to reach adulthood at which time he will no longer be interested in your aged and filthy flesh. Good day.

well i suppose we do eat lamb for its soft flesh… O.o