Hey guys would anyone else like to see say armadillos, snakes, and scorpions in the desert. Polar bears, tundra wolves, and snow rabbits in the snow. Some different drop rates would be cool. Maybe some different materials like snake/scorpion venom to tip our spears and arrows, or armadillos to make protective armor.

Can we see some sort of rad animals and a few less barrels, and have them drop mats that that are needed for some things that you can not get from regular animals or from barrels.

Don’t forget unicorns.

i would like to see a animal in the desert. 2 nights ago i started on a server in the desert i couldn’t find a animal to kill. i had to make do surviving off canned food (food dropped by the oil drums)

so true i also have been eating out of those trash cans for awhile

More than a few animals in the desert wouldn’t seem very realistic.

True that! It also doesn’t make sense to see a deer in the desert… Especially since they made climates to be more effective. As in snow = cold & desert = hot/blurry. Specific animals need their own habitat.

Agreed. I know more than a few animals in the desert wouldn’t be realistic, but snakes would be a good start so there was at least a source of meat, and maybe also venom to buff weapons as the OP suggests.

Could also pose a “one-hit-kill” threat, (like a bear trap), to anyone who steps on them unawares, forcing you to hunt them cautiously…