Animated Collision

Is it possible to make an animated collision? I have a baked animation of an RC car and I want people getting ran over by it when they hit it. I tried exporting an animated collision but the collision doesn’t move, just the model. Thanks!

You could try to parent a solid to it in hammer?

I can’t parent anything to it. The entity itself doesn’t move, only the bones in the model moves and goes around the map. The model stays in the same place.

Is the collision model properly skinned?

I believe so because my custom collision shows up. There might be no way to animate collisions then I guess. I was thinking if there was a way to export the keyframes of xyz animation and transform them to path_tracks in hammer, that’d be another way.

Which software did you use to bake that in? I like the looks of it, also add an attachment point to a bone and you can parent something to a bone

I used 3ds Max. I used a plugin called MadCar to simulate the car and I baked the animation to the bones. Are there any tutorials on how to do that? I might be able to do the attachment part but I don’t know how I will parent anything such as hammer entities, Thanks!

Check out these pages,

This should explain how to create attachments for your car

read the “SetParentAttachmentMaintainOffset” sections of that page.

Your best bet would be to create an attachment for the root bone of your car. Then i would make a brush the size of your car and make it a entity you want to be parented to the car (trigger_hurt, func_brush ect). Then set up a logic_auto with an output of SetParentAttachmentMaintainOffset to whatever ent you want to travel with it.

Hope this helps!

I’ll try this out, thanks a lot!