Animated DOF in Garry's Mod

I might be a little late for this but

Thanks to Hurricaaane for this garry’s mod addon its great but render time is a killer :frowning: also to Maxofs2d for not getting pissed off while teaching me how to use this.

Basicly I can animate a bone in 3DS Max which has an attachment on it which is used as a focus point in garry’smod by this script, very useful for machinima but has very long render times :(, where is Source Filmmaker Valve!!

Get SVN and download his script here

(Note only the SVN build has the attachment tracker)
(Also turn of mult-core rendering in gmod or else this will crash when you tick render mode)

You guys are amazing.

oh thanks :slight_smile: but i think the guy who made this is amazing not me