Animated GIF images as props for Gmod?

is there anyways to import an animated GIF image into gmod as a prop or an effect? not a spray but somehow something i can move around with the physics gun as an object?

You could probably make an animated vtf texture for this; a material to be applied with the material tool.

Yeah then use render.DrawSprite

or just apply the material to the prop to actually solve OP’s question

say if it’s a character sprite, and the prop i apply the material to is like just a square/rectangle model, would there be anyway to make the model transparent around the sprite, but the sprite itself still visible if that makes any sense, where the character wouldn’t have a box around them

No he wanted something that he could move around LIKE a prop, such as gmod_effect. Render DrawSprite works for this and based on his latest response he doesn’t want the effect to look like a box, which rules out the usage of a prop completely. His best bets are either drawsprite or 3d2d.

how would i import a single sprite on a square/rectangle model/prop but make the parts around it transparent, similar to how hair particles are with textures on some models, if i just make the texture transparent colors it always shows up green or pink in 3ds max even when picking “render” (the color i originally had it to remove the color)

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nvm, i figured that part out just now, anyone know how i would go about creating a GIF like material in VTF Edit, the Hyper Sonic model has something similar to what i’m looking for how it changes colors constantly, but i don’t know how to do that with character sprites