Animated Images.

I remember back in CS 1.6 people would be awe struckend by animated pictures on the walls. I’ve come to ask is it possible to make a decal on the wall be animated. If so I’ve got a very nice map in mind for TTT ,and Gmod.

Animated Textures.

[li]Link 1
[/li][li]Link 2
[/li][li]Link 3
[/li][li]Link 4

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Thanks guys! :smiley:

Darn you Terrenteller and you’re vast knowledge of everything to do with mapping!

A.K.A Google. :buddy:

Terrenteller is 1 step up from Google, all his results are relevant and the information given in the links is guaranteed to be accurate.


I’m gonna PM Terrenteller next time I want porn. :v:

Porn needs to be accurate?

I’ve seen him give slightly incorrect information on the odd occasion, but it is handy to have someone who can answer people’s questions relatively quick.

Such as?