Animated Loading Screen Not Working

Hello, I’ve been trying to make this work as a loading screen, obviously the only thing working is the music and was wondering if their is possibly a work around for the actual animated material?


Nice loading screen.

I don’t think that Awesomium can handle stuff like that since, you know, it’s complete utter shit.

frick Awesominum, I want my centipede.

In all seriousness is their a way I could make this work? I have seen animated loading screens like this (except their not as good as this one :v:) that show for an example the plaza of City 17 with people walking and city scanners flying around.

i think this is the only loading screen I’m okay with

Which is why I want it so badly to work.

Because it’s legitimately what a loading screen should look like.

The ones you might of seen could merely just be a video background. From searching around you can use webm’s as the format of the video or MP4’s I believe.

Hm, now I need a way to convert this into a WebM or MP4, any ideas?

Also isn’t Awesomium really outdated? I think in my not-so-expert opinion another API would be better, for example CEF or something.

Come on RobotBoy…

For the centipede

Recorded it. I don’t really get what it is since I am able to drag and move around the website. Weird.

 I don't expect to be able to move it around in the loading screen for obvious reasons, but I would at least like to see them moving.

This would be so easier if it wasn’t running on Awesomium.

Anyways I guess the only way would be to record it, loop it, and upload it on my web server, unless anyone else has work-arounds.

Even if you do get it to work it will just freeze when the game locks up.