Animated Model Not Compiling With Mesh Animation But With Rotation?

as the title states, i suspect the qc process if anything, but the fact that rotation got threw with no fussis odd.

1)make model in 3ds
2)export it to smd reference and another for animation
3)use qc and studiomdl

if i do an animation of moving or rotation, it exports the animation, if i do any animation involving changing the mesh it is unwilling to show these animations.

i’m unaware of what this could be and i’ll take suggestions =P

The description of your problem is kind of vague. I think you may have neglected to rig your model to bones or the reference model and animation sequences don’t have matching bone rigs. The animated parts of models have to be rigged to bones in order to be moved, as vertex-based animation is only supported with face flexes.

You can’t use mesh animation as animations in source, they have to be defined as “flexes” (vertex animation), which is handled differently to armature (skeletal) animation.

sigh it is as i feared then. o how complicated things get when bones are involved = /

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this method is pretty much secluded to modeling a character yes?

– i was kind’ve vague, i just used a square really and used a distortion in 3ds to check before.