Animated model?

Does Source support animated model? Like some parts of the model moves by itself. I got this Vendor from Ratchet and Clank, and I’m about to port it to the Gmod.
In Game that text around it spins, also the G shaped ball, which spins slower.

If anybody have any idea how to do this, also know if it needs anything special in QC. Help would be much appreciated.

You would need to rig it to a simple skeleton with few bones for the parts which move if it already isnt rigged, and make the animation yourself. Simple rotating animation is fairly easy to make.

You need to rig it with the bone (or more). After you done that, start animation on your program (There’s so many tutorials out there in internet)

Then make it into the the .qc like this…


You can also add more multi $sequence for list of animation sequences.
Or for more documentation$sequence

I am aware that Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal may using animated texture on Gadgetron Vendor. But from I looked its done the same thing from previous of 2 games.

Thanks alot for the help, also didn’t the G spin in RC3?

I don’t remember lol, I haven’t play it for long time.
I think “G” also using a scale, but Source doesn’t support it, just yet (except SFM feature). But the text is an animated texture, just scrolling. Create an animated texture is possible for Source.

Example basic scroll texture copied from my .vmt

			"textureScrollVar"		"$basetexturetransform"
			"textureScrollRate"		"0.50"
			"textureScrollAngle"	"90"

I may just be talking complete garbage, as i have little to no idea what i’m talking about, but wouldnt it be possible to make the “scale” feature into a flex slider?

As i said, i may just be talking rubbish. If so, ignore me :scream:

Damn, I’m completely forgot the Source has the “flex” feature. So, its possible.

Thanks alot! sorry for late response!