Animated models (physics not behaving)

So recently I’ve been exploring animated models a bit as my programmer wants them in the new game mode we’re making.

I don’t do any of the lua code so the extent of my testing is done in hlmv, and everything looks perfect in it.

I have basically 2 significant parts of the model, the top half is partially hidden in the bottom half and then rises up with a short animation, the physics meshes do the same thing and hlmv illustrates this as working perfectly.

I give it to my programmer and as soon as he tests it he reports some odd goings on, it’s floating above the ground, you can walk up one side like there’s stairs there, and on some versions we’ve tried since there are ghost physics meshes (basically as if there was a duplicate of it a short distance away or strange interaction like throwing you off at high speed if you jumped on the top.

we tried using unanmiated physics and similar problems occured.

I’ve been working with this guy for a long time now and have made a large amount of props, playermodels and even a few weapons and we’ve never had anything like this that wasn’t fixed by a bit of tampering around in 3ds or in the QC. please help, for the future of gmod :slight_smile:

Can you provide some pictures? It’s hard to diagnose from just text.

Well that’s the problem, there aren’t any screenshots of things being out of place, the screenshots of hlmv just show a model working correctly, I can’t get screenshots of a physics model in game because… they’re invisible… so if there’s something you’d like to see a screenshot of specificly then I’ll grab one, but otherwise it should be pretty easy to tell from what I’ve said what’s going on.

do: vcollide_wireframe 1 ingame it will show the collision mesh

I love you Latteh. we’re running some tests, I think it was that my bones were rotated prior to the rigging for optimal ease of animation, thus it rotated the phys meshes according to those bones. that’s one to look out for i guess!

For the record you can also show physics models in HLMV - there’s a tick box on the first page with physics.

yep, but they were showing up as they should’ve been, like i think i said earlier ^.^

okay… this is just fucking weird.

prop menu spawned version (the one in 2 pieces) spawns fine, collision mesh(although slightly large on the top half) is showing, entity spawned version doesn’t show it’s physics mesh (unlike it did previously with unanimated physics (although technically it was still rigged to a bone used in the animation, it just stayed still)
the physics is also dodgey still, I was only watching my programmer through his livestream but i coudl tell a similar thing to the original problem was going on.

the complete and uncomplete states (either side of the build animation) showing you how the lovely physics works in hlmv.