Animated prop_physics

Hey all,

I can’t figure out how to make a prop_physic loop the idle animation.
Well I’ve my model, my idle animation set to act_idle 1 and fps 30, but when I spawn it in gmod, looks like it’s stuck at the first frame of the animation.

Any idea on how I can fix that?


add autoplay to your $sequence

Hmm just tried it, and it’s not working :(.
here is my qc:

$modelname "****\****.mdl"
$scale 1.00
$cdmaterials "models\****"
$body "Body" "ref.smd"
$surfaceprop "alienflesh"
$sequence "Idle" "idle.smd" fps 30 ACT_IDLE 1 autoplay
$collisionmodel "phy.smd" {

Did I do it the right way?

Try removing ACT_IDLE 1 then make sure your idle.smd has more than one frame.

$modelname "lavalamp.mdl"

$body prop "lava_lamp_reference.smd"

$cdmaterials "models/Lava_Lamp"

$surfaceprop "glass"

$sequence idle "lava_lamp_sequence.smd" autoplay fps 10 loop

$collisionmodel "lava_lamp_collision.smd" {
$mass 100.0
$inertia 1.00
$damping 0.00
$rotdamping 0.00

Set it up how this is (which is what they’ve said above) as that model has an animated idle anim which works ^^ (moving Lava).

Got it to work, thanks you guys!^^