Animated Ragdolls

I’d like to see the zombie assassin and prowler from the Half-Life 2 leak with fast zombie animations. Well, I actually used to have them but I lost alot of stuff on my “accidental” deletion of gmod. Does anybody have a link to the download or are willing to re-make this?

How is this related to animated ragdolls?

The ragdoll’s skeletons need to be re-rig so they work with the fast zombie animations.
Sorry, I’m not a modeler so I barelly know what I’m talking about, but I’m trying to explain the best I can.

The Fast zombie uses the valve biped skeleton (+the headcrab skeleton), so if they use the valve biped skeleton, you could probberly just add in the sequence smd’s and recompile, but i don’t know what would happen to the headcrab then.

Care to explain in non-modeler’s terms please?

oh er… >.> <.< right well (this is not going to be easy)

The part of a ragdoll model that allows you to move the parts (like arms, legs, ect) around is the skeleton (and the collision model but thats not the point :P). This skeleton, on most models made for GMod, is a custom one made by the modeller by attaching together a whole lot of bones (or armatures), these bones are what are used for animating (bringing movement) to the model.

The problem that comes with making animations using a skeleton is that (in Source, then engine used by GMod, at least) the bones used to animate the model must be the same (or include) the same bones (by position and name) as the model you want to use them with (or technically the model must haave the same skeleton as the animation, as in most cases you want the model to use an animation not make an animation for a model).

This means that if the bones of the animation and model are different the animation cannot be played, as there are no armature points (same bones) for it to reference (look at and play the sequence) so the model will just remain in a t-pose (where it has its arms out usually and stays on the same spot, the t-pose is the default position of the model in its reference smd, but thats something else aswell).

So in conclusion, if your model does not have the correct bones the animations cannot be used for that model. Hope that made more sense, but i highly doubt it did :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, that made perfect sense Siler Spirit. The skeleton doesn’t have the correct sized bones for the animations to work. And the bones don’t have the correct names for the animations to refer to it by. Thus, the skeleton would need to be re-rigged with the skeleton copied from the fast zombie for this to work.
Did I get it all correct Silver?

Yup, thats pretty much what I said ^^ Glad you understand now :stuck_out_tongue: