Animated Rainbow Physgun Skin

Animated Rainbow Physgun Skin


lol you know you like it deep down

…If I didn’t use the Portal Gun model as my Physgun, then I would totally use this :stuck_out_tongue: Think you could change the beam into a rainbow too (Unless you already have)?

That’s trippy.
How do you get rid of the glow at the end of the physcannon though?

Reminds me of the happy time cheat ability on turok 2 seeds of evil

I have a version with a rainbow beam on my computer, but annoyingly wont let you update the zip without completely reuploading. Im thinking of making a matching grav gun and tool gun and releasing them all as a pack

You will need to make the file “materials/sprites/glow1.vtf” transparent. You cant just delete it unfortunately, because gmod will recreate it on launch. I can make a version of it with no glow, if you want, and upload it privately for you :slight_smile: because I am nice like that

That’d be helpful, but if you don’t wanna waste your time I know how to use and VTFEdit together to work with the VTF files.
I just dunno how to make stuff transparent.