Animated Rainbow Physics gun!

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Animated Rainbow Physics gun!

[tab]Version:[/tab] v1

[tab]Description:[/tab] Phys gun

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garrysmod

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

here is a decent gif, though it is a bit laggy.

This is an animated physics gun, that changes colors. The beam is white, and the glow is custom.

\\\\12 colors in animation!//////

Have fun!

///Animated Rainbow Physics Gun\
This is version one, the cubemaps don’t show up how I would like so hopefully version 2 will be out shortly!

Extract to your first garrysmod folder.

This is my old skin, and this is what this one was supposed to look like, but cubemaps didn’t load correctly, version 2 will hopefully look like this.

If anyone can create a gif of the animation that would be great.
Rate, and comment, and give suggestions for v2

Very nice I always wanted to get animated textures to work. This looks awesome. Thank You.

Sweet, got my download.


Pshh, yeah this was made for hippies, Use it or be killed :v:

Drugs. :v:

May sound dumb but does this work for HL2?

Hl2 does not have a physics gun, though you can rename the files as the gravity gun, then extract to your hl2 file.

Looks funny :slight_smile:

Nice you should wach war of the servers then put the mingebag rave sound effect into it when you use it makes the sound that would be awesome.

Hah, yeah. :v:

That’s the gay flag.

He’s talking about about the Mega Gravity-Gun.

The physgun is too dark, when you get to the brightest light it still is black :frowning:

It would look great with the cubemaps, as seen in the 4th? picture, though I don’t think you can do that anymore in the current version of gmod 10 :frowning:

So for now it is ugly black :X

These look awesome but. You will get my download if there are high definition ones

Maybe you outta give the phong shaders some chance?

Phong shaders?

The shiny white light little reflecting thing you see on all the weapons in the current GMod/HL2:EP2/HL2:EP1. Unless your computer doesn’t support it.

It’s much better in my opinion as it only reflects the lights. While reflection shaders give reflections in parts of the map, they change automatically when you’re in a different position.