Animated Skybox | Unreal tournament Facing worlds map

Hey dudes

I have some spare time and wanted to get back into mapping, i had a sick idea to adapt this legendary unreal tournament map as a CTF map for team fortress 2, i just need a hand with the skybox, what would be the best way to go about it?

For those who dont know/need a memory check, this is the map in question

and this is what the skybox does

it basically just orbits the map, just a bit of guidance would be pretty cool

late, bro

If you still wanna learn the trick, decompile above map and see how it was done. I myself use the trick in my own maps now and then.

by the way, let me applaud you for wanting to remake a UT map for TF2, it’s always good to see those old classics again

just because someone else has done it doesnt mean i cant do it haha

but thank’s i guess

True, but still, it’s redundant, especially seeing as the existing map is already high quality (if the only Face remakes in existence were shitty fullbright abominations, it’d make more sense to try and make a better one).

Dude, Come on!
If he wants to make a remake, let him! For all we know, it could turn out better. Just because something already exists doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to do it again.

You are such a party pooper.

sorry :c

Thank you :v:

You can make a model of a sphere, make it a prop_dynamic and parent it to a func_rotating so that way it rotates.

Id like to add that map looks like pure and utter shit compared to the one its based off.