Animated texture with edited mipmaps: How?

How do I do this? VTFEdit insists on either dropping the mipmaps of the source file, or no mipmaps at all. VTEX gives me an error, and the Spray Changing with Distance tutorial’s ( tool for changing the .dds file to VTF doesn’t allow custom textures. And yes, I have tried VTEX with .tga’s. Anyone have a thought?

Try changing it frame by frame into vtfs with mipmaps and then merging it. not sure if you’ve tried that.

Merging? How? I have used VTFEdit, and it doesn’t allow you to compile a vtf out of other vtfs

Yeah I really wanted to do this aswell but it seems nem hasn’t added the support. I have tried different aproaches like making multiple dds’s but vtfedit will generate mipmaps and not use the current ones. then i tried using dirty bloodlines tools or whatever to convert the dds into 1 vtf but its not posssible. Then i tried your aproach ryth. Its just getting stressful. DAMN YOU NEM!!!

Try VIDE. The VTF Editor gives access to every individual mipmap, frame, face, and slice.

Thank you so much