Animated texture works fine in HL², but is invisible in Gmod :(

It’s not even the error-texture, it’s just invisible (an the texture is not loaded in the garrys mod cache).

It works in HL², where the texture is in:
materials/Panel textures/Mainscreen_animated

In Gmod it is in:
addons/gm_BlackMesa_Sigma by Freakrules/materials/Panel textures/Mainscreen_animated
the Info.txt works, the map icon is displayed too.
When I included the animated texture into the .bsp using packrat, it didn’t work either.

It’s the first time I’m using animated materials with Garrysmod.
Is there anything special to consider or did I just make a mistake somewhere?

Here’s the .vmt:

"$baseTexture" "Panel textures/Mainscreen_animated"
"$surfaceprop" "glass"
"animatedTextureVar" "$basetexture"
"animatedTextureFrameNumVar" "$frame"
"animatedTextureFrameRate" "15"

Copy the texture to the materials folder in Garry’s Mod’s directory and see if that helps.

What are you trying to use the texture on?

Worked fine after recompile^^
May have been a conflict because the texture was in /materials AND packed into the .bsp…

Thx for your time:D